Sunday, March 4, 2018

AI16 Top 24 Group Assignments

Group 1
1. Brandon Diaz
2. Cade Foehner
3. Catie Turner
4. Dennis Lorenzo
5. Dominique Posey
6. Gabby Barrett
7. Jonny Brenns
8. Kay Kay Alexis
9. Layla Spring
10. Michael Woodard
11. Michelle Sussett
12. Trevor McBane

Group 2
1. Adam Sanders A.K.A. Ada Vox
2. Alyssa Raghunandan
3. Amelia Harris
4. Caleb Hutchinson
5. Effie Passero
6. Garrett Jacobs
7. Jurnee Siani
8. Maddie Poppe
9. Mara Justine
10. Marcio Donaldson
11. Ron Bultongez
12. Shannon O’Hara


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