Saturday, February 10, 2018

American Idol Season 16 Top 24

Launched Saturday, February 10th
Re-Finalized Sunday, March 4th

Thanks to M.J. for a significant portion of the top 24!

01. Alyssa Raghunandan
02. Amelia Harris
03. Catie Turner
04. Effie Passero
05. Gabby Barrett
06. Jurnee Siani [AI15 Hollywood Week]
07. Kay Kay Alexis
08. Layla Spring
09. Maddie Poppe
10. Mara Justine
11. Michelle Sussett
12. Shannon O’Hara

01. Adam Sanders A.K.A. Ada Vox [AI12 Top 52]
02. Brandon Diaz
03. Cade Foehner
04. Caleb Hutchinson
05. Dennis Lorenzo
06. Dominique Posey
07. Garrett Jacobs
08. Jonny Brenns
09. Marcio Donaldson [AI15 Hollywood Week]
10. Michael Woodard
11. Ron Bultongez
12. Trevor McBane


  1. I'm happy to see Kay Kay Alexis is in the top 24. She is a really good singer.

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