Monday, June 12, 2017

AI16 Auditions

Thursday, August 17th: Orlando, Florida
Thursday, August 17th: Portland, Oregon
Saturday, August 19th: Miami, Florida
Sunday, August 20th: Oakland, California
Tuesday, August 22nd: Atlanta, Georgia
Wednesday, August 23rd: Provo, Utah
Friday, August 25th: Charleston, South Carolina
Saturday, August 26th: Denver, Colorado
Sunday, August 27th: Asheville, North Carolina
Tuesday, August 29th: Omaha, Nebraska
Wednesday, August 30th: Louisville, Kentucky
Friday, September 1st: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Sunday, September 3rd: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Monday, September 4th: Shreveport, Louisiana
Tuesday, September 5th: Annapolis, Maryland
Thursday, September 7th: Muscle Shoals, Alabama
Friday, September 8th: Boston, Massachusetts
Monday, September 11th: Chicago, Illinois
Thursday, September 14th: New Orleans, Louisiana

* Venues To Be Announced

AI16 Eligibility Rule Change & Lower Age Eligibility Date

For the first time ever, no former contestants, whatsoever, are technically ineligible, based on prior rank, for the upcoming season.  Of course, by now, many are ineligible via age restrictions, as the age range remains 15-28.  Additionally, it is all but certain that no former finalists would be even considered and it is probably safe to assume that no former semi-finalist would be accepted, either.  Having said that, it is increasingly possible, theoretically.

Meanwhile, the lower age eligibility date is Tuesday, June 11th, 2002, the exact day that the very first episode aired, 15 years ago.  The day it all began...