Wednesday, January 30, 2019

American Idol Season 17 Top 20

Launched & Finalized Wednesday, January 30th

Color-Coded Numbers Correspond Below

01. Alyssa Raghunandan [AI16 Top 24]
02. Ashley Hess
03. Cristina Contreras [The Four: Battle For Stardom Season 2 Holding Room]
04. Evelyn Cormier

05. Kate Barnette
06. Laci Booth
07. Madison VanDenburg
08. Raquel Trinidad

09. Riley Thompson [Real Country Season 1 Top 21]

01. Alejandro Aranda
02. Dimitrius Graham
03. Eddie Island
04. Jeremiah Harmon
05. Laine Hardy [AI16 Top 50]
06. Logan Johnson
07. Ryan Hammond
08. Shawn Robinson
09. Uché Ndubizu
10. Wade Cota
11. Walker Burroughs


  1. There were 11 boys and 8 girls when the article first posted.

    1. Your point being...? Lol, obviously the final people were verified now and the picture confirms them! Plus one name was incorrect, so 2 new names were in the final list.

  2. Really overwhelmingly white. So much for Disney and diversity.

    "Idol" isn't playing fair with gender parity, either.

    1. I think there's some diversity there in Alyssa, Laine, Dimitrius, Shawn, Raquel and Uche. Now if most of them don't make the Top 12 then the show definitely has diversity issues.

    2. Not playing "fair" with gender or diversity?? If others sing better, how is it not fair? Are you implying people should be able to just walk through because of their sex or ethnic background, regardless of talent?? How is that "fair"??

    3. Wow! It has nothing to do with gender or race.. Strictly talent.

    4. I am more concerned that they canned damn near every country singer in the competition...

    5. Overwhelmingly white indeed. They picked Riley over Kai The Singer. That's typical. When it's 50/50, they always pick the white girl.

    6. Wah...since when did affirmative action come in to play...the diversity I want is idiots like you to stfu...but NO hate all white people...RACIST MUCH

  3. looks like it will be sob stories galore this year.

  4. Replies
    1. I was wondering the same thing. She had to have bombed somewhere, because, god given voice/talent, she should have been the top 10.

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  6. i see kayson lester didnt make the top 20 but im glad laine and logan and ryan did :)

  7. They are are so very. Can you all just enjoy and quit bitching

  8. I have watched idol from day one, it's nothing like it use to be,I think America should vote from day one, after all it is called American idol

  9. Too bad that Nick didn't make it. I thought he was really good. :(

  10. Nick should be in the top 20 also my nephew he will get some kind of contract

  11. With 4 going to the Finale this year, does anyone know what the elimination procedure will be??