Wednesday, May 7, 2014

AI14 Eligibility Rule Change

Last season, for the first time ever, a set of former semi-finalists were eligible to re-audition.  Check that out here.  For season 14, the only season 13 contestants ineligible are the Top 10, rather than the Top 13.  In other words, for the first time ever, 3 former non-touring finalists and 2 wildcard contenders may re-audition.  Their names are listed below, in addition to other semi-finalists.

Non-Touring Finalists
Ben Briley - 11th Place
Emily Piriz - 12th Place
Kristen O'Connor - 13th Place

Andrina Brogden - Top 30
Austin Wolfe - Top 30
Brandy Neelly - Top 30
Bria Anai Johnson - Top 20 & Wildcard Contender
Briana Oakley - Top 20
Briston Maroney - Top 30
Casey Thrasher - Top 30
Emmanuel Zidor - Top 20
Ethan Harris - Top 30
George Lovett Hamilton - Top 20
Jillian "Jill" Jensen - Top 30
Jordan Brisbane - Top 30
Kenzie Hall - Top 30
Malcolm Allen - Top 20
Marrialle Sellars - Top 20
Maurice Townsend - Top 30
Neco Starr - 31st Place
Spencer Lloyd - Top 20 & Wildcard Contender

* ineligible via age restrictions


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