Tuesday, December 13, 2022

American Idol Season 21 Showcase Round (Top 55)

54 of 55


Launched Monday, December 12th

Last Updated Monday, February 13th

Adin Boyer

Alexis “Lexi” Stephens

Austin Markham

Beckett Rex

Brayden King

Caden Glover

Cameron Osterloh

Caroline Kole

Colin Stough

Dawson Wayne

Destiny Reeves

Elijah McCormick

Elise Kristine

Emma Busse

Fire Willmore

Hannah Nicolaisen

Haven Madison

Isaac Brown

J. Valerione

Jayna Elise Brown

Joseph Lee White, Jr.


Kayleigh Clark

Kaylin Hedges

Kenley Brown

Kya Monee (AI19 Hollywood Week)

Lucy Love

Malik Heard

Mariah Faith

Marybeth Byrd

Matt Wilson

Megan Danielle

Michael Williams

Nailyah Serenity

Nutsa Buzaladze

Oliver Steele

Olivia Soli

Paige Anne

Phil Kane


Preston Duffee

Rebecca Brunner

Samuel Harness

Sarah Mac

Sarah Snyder

Stefan Benz

Summer Joy

Trey Louis

Tripp Taylor

Tyson Venegas

Warren Peay

Wé McDonald

William Guy Tongi

Zachariah Smith


  1. American Idol should move to Disney+ after this coming season, like Dancing With the Stars did, and start its season in January on the week after New Year’s. The audition episodes and prerecorded middle round episodes should be three hours long, so that the semifinals would start with 24 and culminate with four eliminated in week 1 and 2, and 3 in week 3. And then finals would go back to starting with 13 finalists and eliminating one contestant a week until there are only three (or two).

  2. I’m with you the old format is what made American Idol special and entertaining

    1. Thanks for your support. The current format is hasty and cannot be trusted. The old format allowed the audience to think before they vote.

  3. I remember Wé McDonald from The Voice.