Sunday, March 28, 2021

AI19 Top 24 Celebrity Duet Pairings

Ben Rector
1. Graham DeFranco
2. Wyatt Pike 

Brandon Boyd (of Incubus)
1. Casey Bishop
2. Chayce Beckham 

Brian McKnight
1. Alana Sherman
2. Andrea Valles

Jason Aldean
1. Caleb Kennedy
2. Hannah Everhart 

1. Hunter Metts
2. Mary Jo Young 

Jimmie Allen [AI10 Green Mile]
1. Alanis Sophia
2. Cecil Ray Baker 

Josh Groban
1. Ava August
2. Brennan Hepler (a.k.a. Beane)

Joss Stone
1. Anilee List
2. Grace Kinstler

Katharine McPhee [AI5 Runner-Up]
1. Alyssa Wray
2. Willie Spence

P.J. Morton (of Maroon 5)
1. Jason Warrior
2. Liahona Olayan

Ryan Tedder (of OneRepublic)
1. Cassandra Coleman
2. DeShawn Goncalves

Tori Kelly [AI9 Green Mile]
1. Colin Jamieson
2. Madison Watkins


  1. Katharine actually spoiled her partner a week ago on IG by mistake lol

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