Sunday, March 28, 2021

AI19 Green Mile (Top ~40)

For those confused:
64 contestants made it to the Hollywood Week Band Round (billed as "Showstopper Round"), but only ~40 of them made it to the Green Mile.

  1. Alana Sherman
  2. Alanis Sophia
  3. Alex Miller
  4. Althea Grace
  5. Alyssa Wray
  6. Amanda Mena
  7. Andrea Valles
  8. Anilee List
  9. Anthony Guzman
  10. Ava August
  11. Benson Boone
  12. Brennan Hepler (a.k.a. Beane)
  13. Caleb Kennedy
  14. Camille Lamb
  15. Casey Bishop
  16. Cassandra Coleman
  17. Cecil Ray Baker
  18. Chayce Beckham
  19. Chukwuka Okafo (a.k.a. Dr. Soul)
  20. Colin Jamieson
  21. DeShawn Goncalves
  22. Drake McCain [AI17 Top 40]
  23. Emilie Hamilton (a.k.a. EmiSunshine)
  24. Funke Lagoke
  25. Grace Kinstler
  26. Graham DeFranco
  27. Hannah Everhart
  28. Hunter Metts
  29. Jason Warrior
  30. Laila Mach
  31. Liahona Olayan
  32. Lizzy O'Very
  33. Madison Watkins
  34. Mary Jo Young
  35. Mignon
  36. Nia Renée
  37. Philip Murphy (a.k.a. Blind Boy)
  38. Ronda Felton
  39. Willie Spence
  40. Wyatt Pike
  41. Zach Sines


  1. Anthony Guzman and Nia Renee I believe are also part of the Top 40 group.

  2. Also, Josh Davis is part of the Top 64 group.

  3. Yeah Amanda Mena and Anthony Guzman were montaged together in last night’s episode of American Idol. So they are for sure in the Top 40/Green Mile group.

  4. Idolfan2021 is 100% right. I also saw the episode last night and saw the same two people be part of the Top 40.

  5. Maybe the person in chrage of THEIDOLPAD doesn't really want help getting the missing names of the contestants he needs to complete his Top 40 list. I don't know why he wouldn't, but we know more than he does so.

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  7. Laila Mach who did a song inspired by Gabby Barrett's I Hope during her original American Idol audition.

  8. Laila Mach who did a song inspired by Gabby Barrett's I Hope during her original American Idol audition.

  9. I don't know if this is right or not, but I have seen someone in the promos for the Green Mile who looks exactly like Liv Grace Blue, I'm fairly certain that she made it to the Top 40, and I'm not sure about Mignon or Zach Sines

    1. Conyer Walker and Mackenzie Carpenter made the Top 64/The Showstopper Round

  10. Since the top 40 is now history, what's the big deal about names missing? Isn't it time to move on to the Top 24. Just saying....

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