Sunday, February 17, 2019

American Idol Season 17 Top 14

1. Alejandro Aranda
2. Alyssa Raghunandan
3. Ashley Hess
4. Dimitrius Graham
5. Eddie Island
6. Evelyn Cormier
7. Jeremiah Harmon
8. Laci Booth
9. Laine Hardy
10. Madison VanDenburg
11. Riley Thompson
12. Uché Ndubizu
13. Wade Cota
14. Walker Burroughs


  1. Does anyone else remember when the viewers got to decide which contestants they wanted to reach the finals on "Idol"?

    Where's the outrage that judges and producers now control that decision, as well?

  2. Does anybody else remember that Evelyn was on 90 day fiancee??

  3. What happened to Eric Merica? Why did he never show up in Hollywood?

  4. This type of American Idol not including Americans in the voting just another Star of the Day show...who cares anymore!

  5. I've watched AI since the beginning when the focus of the show was the contestants and not Narcissist Borderline Personality judges like Katie Perry who Always redirects attention back to herself with her childish silly behavior. The other two would be fine if they were not influenced by her and follow her lead! Get rid of her and the ratings would go up!!!

  6. Evelyn was so lame on 90 day fiance. Almost died when I saw her on this. Then I heard her sing and couldnt believe they kept her. Obviously they didnt see her on 90 day!

  7. Um, they never started voting until it was narrowed down to 14 or less.

    1. No.

      Viewers used to be able to vote from the top 24 onward.

  8. Bring back Myra Tran as a wild card! I have heard several people say they're disappointed she was cut.

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