Tuesday, April 10, 2018

TIP Exclusive: Major Announcement - American Idol's Fate

We are pleased to announce that ABC is renewing American Idol.  In fact, the tentative plan is for next season to be a couple weeks longer than the current season.  American Idol Season 17 will premiere during the first quarter of 2019.


  1. Although this show will never be the same BIG HIT that it was in its first few years, so glad that there is a vehicle to give talented singers a means to showcase their talent, even if they don't win.

    1. Even if they are never heard from again?

      "Idol" has been emulating "The Voice."

  2. What is your source?

    An article? An ABC insider, or your own wishful thinking?

  3. They should get rid of Katy Perry. According to her parents, she's not qualified to be a judge. Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan are more qualified than her.

    American Idol should not emulate The Voice.

  4. Damn, TIP was right.

    Well, now we’re doomed to another season of “The Katy Perry Show.”

  5. Sometimes the judges/producers choose contestants they want to see competing, not who is the most deserving.

    I thought I would do a good deed here and list some of the robbed semifinalists of “Idol.”

    All of them were Top 12 worthy.

    Google them.

    Lauren Turner
    Felicia Barton
    Suzy Vulaca (aka Suzy Vulaca Kraintz)
    Ricky Braddy
    Ju’Not Joyner
    Kendra Chantelle
    Lilly Scott
    Sabrina Sloan
    Lisa Leuschner (aka Lisa Leuschner Andersen)
    Katelyn Epperly
    Kristen McNamara
    Vincent Powell
    David Willis
    Aloha Mi’Sho
    Kimberly Kelsey
    Chip Days
    Gedeon McKinney (aka Gedeon Luke)
    Ayla Brown
    Aaron Marcellus
    Mishavonna Henson (aka Mishavonna Combs)
    Robbie Rosen
    Alexandrea Lushington
    Asia’h Epperson
    Creighton Fraker
    Angela Peel
    Jesse Langseth
    A.J. Tabaldo
    Nick Boddington
    Savion Wright
    Aliceyn Cooney
    Cardin McKinney (aka Cardin Lopez)

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