Sunday, March 4, 2018

American Idol Season 16 Top 14

1. Adam Sanders A.K.A. Ada Vox
2. Cade Foehner
3. Caleb Hutchinson
4. Catie Turner
5. Dennis Lorenzo
6. Gabby Barrett
7. Garrett Jacobs
8. Jonny Brenns
9. Jurnee Siani
10. Maddie Poppe
11. Mara Justine
12. Marcio Donaldson
13. Michael Woodard
14. Michelle Sussettf


  1. Replies
    1. Wait til you see the auditions on the 19th.....knowing now who the top 14 will be left thinking: THERE is definitely something wrong here! I watched the first 2 nights of auditions.....and I’m sorry, many who sang on those 2 nights who are in the top 14 are not nearly as good as some they sent home! LOVED Alyssa’s voice! To me, there is only “1” person in the top 14 who is the COMPLETE package. So either the judges “rigged” the contest to ensure this one wins.......or there are some surprises ahead

    2. What you just said would be referred to as gameplaying. Therefore, the judges are gameplaying for a certain contestant. If ABC decides to renew American Idol for another season, this format should be discontinued. They should go back to the format of seasons 10 and 11. They should also get rid of Katy Perry.

  2. Based on the Top 24 song spoilers, I felt like the producers sabotaged Brandon Diaz. He deserved better.

  3. Lest we not forget that there are people who tried out and did not make it very far (in the past) and are now well known singers. This show is not the end all for a good performer.

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  5. American Idol is one of the best show I have watched on cable TV services thats the reason it is famous worldwide.