Monday, June 12, 2017

AI16 Auditions

Thursday, August 17th: Orlando, Florida
Thursday, August 17th: Portland, Oregon
Saturday, August 19th: Miami, Florida
Sunday, August 20th: Oakland, California
Tuesday, August 22nd: Atlanta, Georgia
Wednesday, August 23rd: Provo, Utah
Friday, August 25th: Charleston, South Carolina
Saturday, August 26th: Denver, Colorado
Sunday, August 27th: Asheville, North Carolina
Tuesday, August 29th: Omaha, Nebraska
Wednesday, August 30th: Louisville, Kentucky
Friday, September 1st: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Sunday, September 3rd: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Monday, September 4th: Shreveport, Louisiana
Tuesday, September 5th: Annapolis, Maryland
Thursday, September 7th: Muscle Shoals, Alabama
Friday, September 8th: Boston, Massachusetts
Monday, September 11th: Chicago, Illinois
Thursday, September 14th: New Orleans, Louisiana

* Venues To Be Announced