Tuesday, February 23, 2016

AI15 Top 10 & Wild Card Pool Spoilers

Top 10 (Did NOT Perform):
1. Dalton Rapattoni
2. La'Porsha Renae
3. Olivia Rox
4. Trent Harmon

Wild Card Pool (Performed For Votes):
1. Avalon Young
2. Gianna Isabella
3. Jeneve Mitchell
4. Jenn Blosil
5. Lee Jean
6. MacKenzie Bourg
7. Manny Torres
8. Sonika Vaid
9. Thomas Stringfellow
10. Tristan McIntosh


  1. I thought tomorrow was a live show. Is it? Or is it prerecorded?

  2. That doesn't make sense. The judges were supposed to pick eight of the top 10, not four.

  3. Also I thought that the judges choose 8 and then America chooses 2 from the remaining 6

  4. I'm so darn tired of these prerecorded shows this season with the judges seeming to have a way of blatantly doing without a voting public more than ever.

    I think I see it already, Dalton or Olivia will win as much as they are propping up LaPorsha, honestly there were other chicks in that group this year sounded way better than her. I believe as soon as voting starts, she'll be one of the "shocking" castaways.

  5. I am so confused? I thought judges were putting thru 8 not 4. Happy with Olivia and Dalton. Trent over MacKenzie no way. LaPorcha ugh.

  6. They should let the top four perform as well though. You know, just for entertainment...

  7. Pretty obvious it is going to be Olivia. She is the complete package and perfect bookend to Clarkson. Top 3 should be:

    1: Olivia
    2: Dalton
    3: La Porcha

    They just better hope Dalton doesn't do to well and get both the tween girls and best vocal vote.

    1. Her voice is strained and shaky to me

    2. Dalton is the most marketable but Laporsha is by far the best singer. Season finale should be Dalton and Laporsha

  8. Dalton and Laporsha in the finale

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