Sunday, December 13, 2015

AI15 Schedule

1/6 Auditions #1 - Atlanta, Denver, & San Francisco
1/7 Auditions #2 - San Francisco & Little Rock

1/13 Auditions #3 - Philadelphia
1/14 Auditions #4 - Denver & Little Rock

1/20 Auditions #5 - Philadelphia & San Francisco
1/21 Auditions #6 - Atlanta, Philadelphia, & San Francisco

1/27 Hollywood Week #1
1/28 Hollywood Week #2

2/3 Hollywood Week #3
2/4 The Showcase/The Green Mile

2/10 Top 24 Group 1 Solo Performances
2/11 Top 24 Group 1 Alum Duets & Eliminations

2/17 Top 24 Group 2 Solo Performances
2/18 Top 24 Group 2 Alum Duets & Eliminations

2/24 Top 14 Eliminations & Wild Card Performances
2/25 Wild Card Results & Top 10 Performances

3/3 Top 10 Performances Part Deux & Results (550th Episode)

3/10 Top 8 Performances & Results

3/17 Top 6 Performances & Results

3/24 Top 5 Performances & Results

3/31 Top 4 Performances & Results

4/5 Retrospective Special
4/6 Finale #1 - Top 3 Performances & Results
4/7 Finale #2 - Top 2 Results

* Subject To Change


  1. Where are you getting your information? Last year the Finale was May 13th I believe so if it is over one month early, as they said, that would mean it would end more like April 14th.

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  3. This is a great venue. I was here for a party and there was so much food and it was all done so well! The decor and food both were amazing. Personally, I think the New York event space is laid out really well and the size of the venue keeps pulling great parties.

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  5. This place has the most perfect environment, great food, tasty wings, lots of good beer, but best of all - probably the best wait staff in all of country. Visited the venues in Los Angeles last month again, had another great time.