Saturday, February 21, 2015

AI14 Voting/Results System Changes

Limit Reduction

Last season's voting limit of 50 votes per contestant per method per window has been reduced to just 20 votes per contestant per method per window.  Thus, the "SuperVote" option is 60% less super than it use to be.

Extended Window

Voting begins at the start of the episode and ends 2 hours after the episode, with an extended window for Facebook and Google (9 A.M. Pacific Time).  For both weeks of the gender-divided semi-finals as well as the penultimate episode, extended voting ends the following day.  For finals episodes, extended voting ends Tuesday.

Elimination Procedure

Finalists will be eliminated at the end of the following episode (rather than at the start).


  1. So it will be like Dancing with the Stars. In which they have everyone dance but even if they perform well that night they are still going home. So in this case, everyone sings, but even if they kill it that night they are still going home based on the week prior. Unless the judge's save is used. I like this because it's the only way to make the eliminations at the end, and it would only be fair for the person who rehearsed all week to at least get to perform, even if they end up going.


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