Tuesday, November 11, 2014

American Idol Season 14 Top 48 Spoilers #idolspoilers

Top 48

1. Adanna Duru
2. Alexis Gomez
3. Anjelika "Jelly" Joseph
4. Ellen Petersen
5. Emily Brooke
6. Erica Washington
7. Erika David
8. Hannah Mrozak
9. Hunter Larsen
10. Jackie Cole (A.K.A. Jax)
11. Jaq Mackenzie
12. Joey Cook
13. Kalynne Michelle Schoelen
14. Katherine Winston
15. Loren Lott
16. Lovey James
17. Maddie Walker [AI13 HW]
18. Maddy Hudson
19. Monica Laire Pidoy Mendoza
20. Najah Lewis
21. Nalani Quintello [AI13 GM]
22. Rachael Hallack
23. Sarina-Joi Crowe [AI10 HW, AI12 HW, & AI13 GM]
24. Shannon Berthiaume
25. Shaina "Shi" Scott
26. Tyanna Jones

1. Adam Ezeglian
2. Anderson Footman (A.K.A. Hollywood)
3. Casey Thrasher [AI13 Top 30]
4. Clark Beckham
5. Cody Fry
6. Daniel Seavey
7. Hector Montenegro
8. Jessie Nunn (A.K.A. J. None)
9. Josh Sanders [AI11 LVR & AI12 HW]
10. Mark Andrew Pudas
11. Michael Simeon Smith [AI13 HW]
12. Nick Fradiani, Jr.
13. Qaasim Middleton
14. Quentin Alexander
15. Rayvon Owen
16. Reno Anoa'i
17. Ricky Hendricks
18. Riley Bria
19. Savion Wright [AI13 GM]
20. Tion Phipps
21. Trevor Douglas Haueisen
22. Zack Kaltenbach


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