Sunday, March 23, 2014

TIP Exclusive: American Idol Season 14 Renewal

Despite its rapidly declining ratings, American Idol is NOT being cancelled following the current season.  FOX is renewing the series for a fourteenth season.  Repeat: American Idol XIV will premiere in the first quarter of 2015.  However, our sources promise a "more compact version of Idol as it enters its golden years."  Apparently, experts believe that the key to stabilization is decreasing the time commitment expected of viewers.  "At this point, 'less is more' is where its headed."  Plans are already in order to scale back season 14 by about a month as well as consolidate the show into one-night-per-week, rather than the traditional two-night format.


  1. If they cancel this show, I will literally have nothing to do.

  2. I think they should not have as many commercials. That would cut their time in half.

  3. I didn't like this year's format of cutting singers before boot camp started. How can you tell for sure someone who sounds good in one session will either continue to be good or bad? The ones chosen for boot camp should be allowed at least one audition before being cut. Why allow voting as the show begins, before people hear the singing? That means you are voting for the way the person looks, now how they sound. Watch the Voice for a very successful reality music show to get ideas on how to keep fans interested.

  4. I love the judges this year. They seemed truly interested in helping the contestants realize their potential. I would hate to think the show would be cancelled since so many people enjoy watching. Last season was a disaster with the judges and maybe some people decided not to watch anymore. It is classy this year and I personally thank you for the change from last year. I will continue to watch.

  5. At the beginning of this year's American Idol I liked some of the changes but as it went on I did not care for it. I used to vote but this year I have not voted once. I can't seem to catch the way to vote. It used to be so simple. I loved it when the girls used to compete with each other and the boys against each other until they were narrowed down to just so many. One more thing, I think there's too much time given to the beginning try-outs. A lot of it to me is boring and other people I know feel the same.

  6. Why make that change? I'm not happy about that decision. May have to tune in to The Voice next year.....

    1. The answer is money. They are going to have a hard time selling ads at their inflated rates.

  7. I love American Idol and I look forward to the show each and every year. I do not want to see any changes at all. Please don't take it off. I love the judges that you have. I would keep it the same. Thanks

  8. Everything you wrote makes sense. But I think the revenue is going to decrease to around 30 million dollars for the season. Which means we will see some salary adjustments for JLo (if they renew her contract, Ryan, who reportedly receives 15 million dollars a year, and Randy Jackson.

  9. Get the most successful alums as judges if they plan to end the show next season. Plus gather all notable alums as guest performers.

  10. I didn't like the Rush Week and voting at the beginning of the show. Almost no sense of fairness.

  11. They should get some ideas on other Idol shows. Shorten the auditions and Hollywood round to 3 weeks. Extend the semis to 2 weeks.

  12. I cannot see Idol appearing one day a week. Cutting the second day show to 30 minutes, I can handle. Getting some new and exciting talent next year would also help. I do love this show.

  13. Since the X-Factor was cancelled, get Simon Cowell back and see if that spikes the ratings.

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