Wednesday, April 17, 2013

AI12 Surprise Reveal - Winner's Launch: Striking While The Iron Is Hot

Since the finals began, the contestants have been secretly writing/co-writing and recording original songs in preparation for their album on a nearly daily basis (should they win or still receive a recording contract).  Sometime near the end of the season, original songs will be performed by the then-remaining finalists.  It is expected that the winner's coronation single will be a song that she had a hand in writing.  Unlike ever before, the winner's debut album will be released soon after the finale, rather than many months later, to better capitalize on the potential of the television exposure and winning momentum.  The winner will support their album by performing their own songs on the summer tour.


  1. Oh, you mean they plan to support their winners? Wow, cool idea. They failed to do that numerous times in the past.

  2. I would buy an album from all of them... Kree is my favorite...but we are all very proud of our Texan...!!! She is representing us very well...

  3. Any more news on this? ~JIM

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